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Using Labels to Protect Your Packages During Shipping

If you’re shipping an item for business or personal reasons, you should make sure to use protective packaging to protect your product.  Some useful protective packaging products include VCI paper, anti-static bags, and moisture barrier bags.  An important product that you shouldn’t forget to use, though, are labels.  Labels provide symbols and warning messages so that your package can be properly handled. This article provides examples of common products that need labels.

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Electronic products can be expensive, and the worst thing that could happen is that they get ruined because of poor handling.  Some electronics that are commonly shipped are cellphones, iPads, computers, cameras, and televisions.  To protect any electronic devices, you should put a “Sensitive Electronic Devices” warning label on your package.



As you know, glass items can easily break and become a danger to anyone opening or handling the package.  Glass products include dishware, bottles, jars of food, windows, and more.  To prevent your product from shattering, put a “Fragile Glass” label on the outside of your package.



Food products are fragile because they face the possibility of spoiling.  Because of this, you should put desiccant packs on the inside of your package.  Desiccant packs are used to absorb moisture, odor, and chemicals from your package.  This is necessary because when food is exposed to moisture, it can lead to mold.  Now that the inside of your package is protected, make sure to use a “Packaged with Desiccant” label.


Fragile Items

Fragile items that require extra care such as instruments, artwork, or decorations should have a warning label as well.  You can use any of the many “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” labels that are offered.