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VA Personnel Expands its Reach to New States

VA Personnel has recently announced that it has grown its operations. It is now offering its Virtual Assistant Services to: Virtual Assistant NYC, Virtual Assistant Miami, Virtual Assistant San Diego, Virtual Assistant Houston and Virtual Assistant Westchester.

This is a monumental move putting VA Personnel in a lot more local small businesses. VA PersonnelÔÇÖs motto ÔÇ£We can all use an extra pair of handsÔÇØ relates to the masses. How many small business owners find themselves overwhelmed with pilling tasks and bills? The majority, thatÔÇÖs who.

When launching a business most business owners are on a tight budget. VA PersonnelÔÇÖs services can keep your labor cost low. Through the use of their services you donÔÇÖt have to worry about paying costly benefits such as health insurance, social security and pensions just to name a few. VA PersonnelÔÇÖs staff are Independent Contractors who at the end of the year sign 1099 forms which in turn saves your business money.

Having an in house assistant can be costly. When you have an in house assistant you have to worry about supplying things such as office space, office supplies and expensive electrical equipment such as printers and computers. With a Virtual Assistant all these extra expenses go out the window saving you money which you can reinvest into your business.

VA Personnel has been helping small business owners reach their potential by providing specially trained staff in the following administrative tasks:

ÔÇó Bookkeeping
ÔÇó Billing Management
ÔÇó Data base Entry
ÔÇó Data Presentation
ÔÇó Email Management
ÔÇó Calendar Management
ÔÇó Appointment Setting
ÔÇó Content Writing
ÔÇó Transcription
ÔÇó Online Purchasing
ÔÇó Travel Planning
ÔÇó Ad Listing Management
ÔÇó Customer Support

Along with Virtual Administrative Assistant services VA Personnel offers an excellent technical support. Everyday more and more business owners are finding it difficult to keep up with the technological demands of this world, with a Virtual Assistant by your side you will be able to keep up with your competition. Our Virtual Assistant NYC, Virtual Assistant Miami, Virtual Assistant San Diego, Virtual Assistant Houston and Virtual Assistant Westchester. services offer the following:

ÔÇó Web Design
ÔÇó Graphic Design
ÔÇó Web Development
ÔÇó App Development
ÔÇó CMS Management i.e. WordPress
ÔÇó Content Creation
ÔÇó Newsletter Campaigns
ÔÇó Google Adwords Campaign
ÔÇó Email Marketing Management
ÔÇó Basic Audio/Video Editing
ÔÇó Webinar Setups
ÔÇó Social Media Management

If you have any questions on how VA Personnel can help you, contact them today.

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