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Top 6 Vasectomy Myths Debunked

Vasectomy really is the perfect answer to contraception: no hormone pills that can mess with one’s emotional state; no IUDs; no uncomfortable condoms; and no worries about unplanned pregnancy. It’s a fairly common procedure, with roughly half a million American men each year undergoing a vasectomy. Yet, there are still many weird and wonderful myths circling the internet, scaring men from undergoing this simple and highly effective procedure. Let’s take a look at some of the best (i.e. most absurd) vasectomy myths and debunk them along the way.

Myth  # 1: Vasectomy = no sex drive

That’s blatantly untrue. A vasectomy interferes in no way with your sex drive. In fact, many couples have reported a better and more carefree sex life post-vasectomy because they no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of condoms and/or unplanned pregnancy. This frees you up to be more spontaneous and spice up your sex life.

Myth # 2: “A vasectomy means I won’t be able to ejaculate or even have an orgasm”

Don’t be silly. Have you read anything about the procedure and how it works? Sperm is produced in the testicles, whereas semen (the fluid you ejaculate during orgasm) is produced higher up. The procedure blocks or cuts the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the semen.

Of course, to the naked eye, there’s no discernible difference between semen that contains sperm and sperm-free semen. Therefore, despite the vasectomy successfully stopping sperm from mingling with your ejaculate, your semen will look, feel, and smell the same (and come out in the same quantity) after a vasectomy.

Myth # 3: Vasectomy dramatically reduces testosterone levels

Again, that’s a blatant lie. There is absolutely no change in your testosterone levels after a vasectomy.

Myth # 4: It’s too painful and therefore not worth it

Modern medicine has come a long way. In fact, with world renowned urologist Dr Harry Fisch’s no scalpel microsurgery technique, you will barely feel any pain at all. It is uncommon for vasectomy patients to stay overnight following their surgery because the recovery time is very rapid.

The simple procedure will have a man back to normal activity within a day or two of undergoing a vasectomy NY.

Myth # 5: I’ll never make sperm after my vasectomy

While vasectomy blocks the passage sperm need to travel into your semen, it does not affect your sperm production. Your testicles will continue to produce sperm at the same rate that they did before the procedure. The only difference is that this sperm is now blocked from reaching the ejaculate.

Myth # 6: The failure rate is fairly high

Failure rates are very low (0.1%) and usually they’re due to eh fact that a man has unprotected sex before having his semen analyzed to confirm it is in fact sperm free. On the other hand, tubal litigation (the procedure women undergo to become sterile) has a failure rate of 1.85%.

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