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Virtual Reality Job Interviews

Virtual reality is used to portray similar to or completely different real world experiences.  Virtual reality is used to teach educational subjects, as well as practice real world situations.  One of the ways that it is being utilized is for job interviews.  Not only can it help a person gain experience for real world job interviews, but it can be used during the actual interview, as well.  This article introduces some of the ways that virtual reality is being utilized during the interview process.  (Related topics: mixed reality training, augmented reality medical training and education, AR virtual reality medical training)

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Practice makes perfect, and this is definitely true while preparing for a job interview.  Often times, even when a person feels well prepared, their nerves get in the way.  As a result, they don’t properly voice their thoughts and may get the answers to questions wrong, even when they know the right answer.  Confidence can go a long way in the interview, because, after all, you are trying to convince the company that you are right for the job.  By practicing different job interview scenarios, it will improve the confidence of a person, while also offering feedback for any necessary improvements.


Applying to Far Away Jobs

Companies have started to use virtual reality to carry out real interviews.  This is great for candidates that are applying from far away, because it saves the company and the candidate money on traveling.  This also allows the candidate to explore the office virtually, without physically being there.


Skills Assessment

Whether the interview is in person or from afar, recruiters can test their candidates’ skills by using virtual reality.  This immersive assessment will reveal if the candidate has the skills to complete the necessary tasks.  By going through this trial, it will prevent recruiters from hiring someone who is not capable of doing the job.