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What Can You Celebrate in April?

So, itÔÇÖs that time of the year, you are settled into work, the children are settled into school and itÔÇÖs generally a slow time. But letÔÇÖs think about what you can do to make this month a fun one! (Related: live events, family fun)

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The standout holiday in April this year is Easter! But what other reasons are there to celebrate right now? This article will show you the best holidays to celebrate for this month of April. Now, there are a lot of somewhat silly days to celebrate such as national love your produce manager day and national jelly bean day.  And, if you want to celebrate them, then why not!


National Beer Day, April 7 ÔÇô The name says it all, why do you need a reason to celebrate it?! Whether you just want to have a couple of beers with friends or a big party! Drink beers and have fun!

National Pet Day, April 11 ÔÇô Who doesnÔÇÖt love their pets? For most families, their pets are important members of the family. So why not celebrate national pet day to let your pets know you love them.

International Moment of Laughter Day, April 14 ÔÇô Sometimes, you need to take time to laugh and be happy. Dedicate a day to letting go of the stresses of life and laughing with your loved ones. You can celebrate this any way you want, whether that is a party or just spending the day being extra happy!

Good Friday, April 19 ÔÇô A Christian holiday which is celebrated to remember the day that Jesus Christ died on the cross. This is the start of the long Easter Weekend, which is more commonly celebrated.

Easter Saturday, April 20 ÔÇô Another day which is a part of the Easter weekend; it is not necessarily a celebrated day like Good Friday or Easter Sunday but, as it is in between, people tend to enjoy themselves on this day.

Easter Sunday, April 21 ÔÇô Celebrated as the day in which Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. For Christians, it is the most important day of the year, as it is seen as a true miracle that is one of the biggest events in history, if not the biggest. People celebrate by having gatherings with friends and family, filled with lots of chocolate Easter Eggs!

There are many more reasons to celebrate in April, so there is no reason to have a dull and boring month!

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