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What Food to Include in Your Care Package

If your loved one went overseas, it’s probably even harder for them than it is for you.  It’s hard for them to be away from their family, home, and everyday things like food.  Something that they will surely appreciate is a care package filled with their favorite snacks.  Even though they are small snacks, it will remind them of home and give them access to food that they have been living without.  Here are some of the food items that you should send to your loved one.  (Related topics: desiccant packs, anti-static bags, moisture barrier bags)

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Hot Sauce

At their base, they are constantly given bland food.  If they’re a fan of hot sauce, they will appreciate if you send them different hot sauces so they can spice up their everyday meals.  It’s even better if you send them individual packages that can be carried on-the-go.


Water Flavoring Packets

To give them some relief from drinking water, you can send them water flavoring packs for them to enjoy.  There are different kinds that you can send, such as lemonade, tea, fruit punch, or instant coffee.


Slim Jims

Slim Jims are good to for mailing because they don’t need to be refrigerated while in transit.  They’re good for soldiers as well because it’s a quick and tasty snack that they can carry around.


Protein Bars

Protein bars are not only healthy, but they curb hunger; that means they’re perfect for when your loved one needs a quick way to fulfill their hunger.



Not everything you send them has to be healthy!  Try to send them their favorite sweet treats as well.  It’s best not to send any chocolate products, though, because they might melt during shipping.


Homemade Treats

This will be the snack that they enjoy the most because they haven’t had homemade food in a while.  Make them they’re favorite snack from home, which could be cookies, granola bars, or anything that they used to love eating.

Now that your care package is ready to be shipped, make sure you use protective packaging to ensure it arrives undamaged.