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What Is St. PatrickÔÇÖs Day and Why Is It So Popular?

St. PatrickÔÇÖs Day has been celebrated for a very long time in honor of St. Patrick who died 17th March, 461. The patron saint of Ireland is widely known across the world, although his life is somewhat of a mystery. This article will highlight who he is and why we celebrate him as we do. (Related: Special Events, Holiday Parties Facility, Venue Rental)

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St. Patrick is widely believed to be Irish but in actual fact, he was born in either Wales or Scotland and was taken to be a slave in Northern Ireland at the age of 16. On his escape from slavery, he saw a vision which would make him venture deeper into Ireland to spread the word of Christianity, so this is why he is so heavily associated with Ireland. Many of the stories told over the years have been greatly exaggerated, such as the banishment of snakes from Ireland.

Nonetheless, St. Patrick fulfilled his vision by spreading Christianity throughout Ireland by opening churches. It wasnÔÇÖt until over 1000 years later when people would start to celebrate the life of St. Patrick on the 17th March. Then in 1737, the first parade for St. PatrickÔÇÖs day happened in Boston. Then it wasnÔÇÖt until 1931 when Dublin started its parade in honor of the patron saint.

But why is St. PatrickÔÇÖs day celebrated as much as it is? The parades got bigger and bigger each year and people from Ireland, wherever they were in the world would celebrate this day. Which led to other people joining in on the celebration, and now it has continued to expand to what it is now. This comes in the form of parties at home, nightclubs, bars and even people renting out venues to accommodate for all their friends.

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