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What Is the Difference Between a New and Used Storage Container?

Today you will find many unused and abandoned shipping storage containers all across the country. When people started to see the benefit of storage units, their demand grew considerably, and many containers were manufactured but a lot of them ended up not being used. Buying a storage container is an easy task considering how widely available they are; however, the challenge is finding a container that is in good condition at a reasonable price. This article will help the reader be able to identify new and used storage containers. (Related topics: portable storage containers, storage containers, storage containers for sale)

Many of the things to look out for in this article are rather obvious. However, they must be checked beforehand when securing the deal of a storage container. The last thing you want to do is buy a storage container that is falsely advertised, and you end up overpaying for something you didn’t want.

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Rust can eventually cause lots of problems if not taken care of properly. If you see rust in a container, it has likely been used prior or left uncared for a long time.



Seeing discoloration of the paint is a key sign that the container is old and likely used.


Scuffs and Marks

Although scuffs and marks can be found on new containers, if there is an abundance of irregularities, it is likely the container was used.



The number and size of the dents can impact the structural integrity of the container. For large dents, the container cannot be used for certain things due to the reduced safety guarantee. Quite clearly, dents will highlight a container that has been in use.


Moving Parts

Hinges and locking mechanisms should be thoroughly checked to ensure they work properly. Key things to look out for are rust, unwanted noise, rigidity, and functionality, so you can determine if it is old or new.

If you are looking to buy a storage container, it is always advised to ensure you look at credible sources to avoid any disappointment.