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What Not to Put Inside Your Storage Container

If you’re in the market for a storage container, or recently bought one, you may be wondering what you can and can’t store inside of it.  To avoid accidents and the infestation of bugs, there are some guidelines that you should follow.  This articles introduces some of the things that you should avoid putting inside your storage container to have the safest and cleanest storage possible.  (Related topics: portable storage containersstorage containers for sale)

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Flammable Items

Flammable items such as gas, oil, fuel, and grease shouldn’t be around anything you plan on keeping.  They put your valuable items in your storage container at risk of being caught on fire.


Household Hazardous Waste

Waste such as solvent-based paints, pesticides, motor oils, and cleaning chemicals shouldn’t be placed in your storage container.  Hazardous waste can be dangerous when mixed together or may also result in a fire.



When storing anything in a storage container, it’s easy to forget about it for a period of time.  Perishable food faces the possibility of getting old and growing mold and can also attract bugs.


Scented Items

Objects that have heavy scents attract bugs, as well.  In addition, if you put a scented item in a closed space, it’s going to make the rest of your belongings smell similarly.



Although this may seem obvious, there have been many cases of people leaving their animals in storage containers while they are busy or out of town.  Not only is it unethical to keep your animal locked up in a trailer, but this can also attract bugs.



Yet another item that will attract bugs!  In addition, plants need natural light, fresh air, and water to live, which they will not receive while in a storage container.  To keep your plants alive, avoid putting them in storage.