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What to Do When Your Property Has Violated Fire Code and Department Rule

Fire code violations are in place to prevent fires from occurring, while also reducing the severity of a fire if ignited. As a business owner, landlord, or building owner, there are responsibilities to ensure that the fire code is abided by to keep the property safe. However, sometimes, things can go wrong or get missed, leading to fire code violations. If you find yourself in this situation, then read on to understand what you need to do if you have been cited for a fire code violation. (Related topics: tenant buyout attorney, real estate lawyer NYC, landlord-tenant law NYC)

The fire code is in place to keep people safe from fires by introducing preventative measures and protocols. Failing to meet the fire code can result in severe penalties, from hefty fines, license suspension, or business revocation.

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Step 1 – Solve the Violation

If the violation is not as serious, they will let you rectify the issue to keep your property open for business. Solve the violation comprehensively in a quick and efficient manner to show complete cooperation and understanding.


Step 2 – Get a Lawyer

Regardless of how small or negligible your fire code violation is, you need to find someone to represent you and protect your rights. If found guilty and prosecuted, the fines can rise significantly, potentially leading to devastating effects on your business, building, or property. A lawyer will fight for your cause to probe for a positive outcome.


Step 3 – Challenge if Necessary

If you are in a situation where the violation is felt unjust, and you have reasonable grounds for a strong challenge, you and your lawyer can work together to challenge the violation.

It is understandable to be frustrated in a time where you are presented with a fire code violation. However, these laws are in place to keep people safe, and that is the main priority. Understand the implications you may have caused and take this understanding with you while fighting the case. To prevent the risk of things getting worse, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer to represent you.