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What to serve at a kid’s party

Are you planning a party for your kid but you can’t quite figure out to serve for the kids and adults at the party to enjoy delicious food that is not overloaded with sugar and rather healthy? Well, keep reading and you might feel inspired enough to put together an amazing menu that will impress kids and grownups alike.

But before you get started, it is important to remind you that there are a few key points that you need to take into account when planning on what to serve during a kid’s party.


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First of all, make sure you’ve written down any allergies and/or dietary restrictions of your kid and the party guests; second, try to keep the menu as healthy as possible and choose food that’s not super messy to eat. Don’t forget to budget and prepare things in advance to avoid being confined to kitchen duty during the celebration.

Here are a few things that you can serve at a kid’s party for a successful event:

• Whether they’re made of fruits, meats, veggies, cheese or seafood, skewers are easy to prepare and even easier to eat. Not to mention they’re a success with almost everyone. Add a few classic dressings into the mix like ranch, tartar, bbq, chocolate syrup and others for extra appeal

Veggie dips.

There are a few ways you can go around this. You can either make a dip out of veggies so you spread it on crackers, toasts and others –like the very popular artichoke and cheese, spinach and ricotta, etc dips– or you can cut people’s favorite veggies in bits that can be dipped into peanut butter, yogurt dips, cheese dips and every other delicious dip you can think of.

Pizza bites.

Pizza is an all-time favorite, and nowadays you can find it in various presentations. If the traditional slice just won’t do the cut for your kid’s party, try pizza puffs, pizza pocket pies, or even bite size pizza.

Grilled cheese.

Most kids and adults love grilled cheese and there are about a million ways you can give a special twist to grilled cheese. Add spinach, horseradish, avocado, bacon or any other meat and you’ll have a winner for sure.

DIY Rice krispies.

Prepare the rice krispie bars at home and let the kids are their favorite toppings to them. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make granola bars instead of rice krispies and a add a healthy twist to things.

Sliced Caramel Apple Sticks

Why eating a traditional caramel apple when you can have apple wedges on sticks instead. Plus you don’t have to limit yourself to preparing caramel apples but you can also add chocolate, peanut butter, and other toppings into the mix. With that idea in mind, why settling for apples, you can do the trick with pretty much any other fruit firm enough to be held on a stick.