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What You Need to Know When Challenging for Custody

Breakups and divorces are tough enough as they are, but with the added stress and uncertainty of deciding who should take custody of the children, the process grows significantly more challenging. Sometimes one parent may feel hard done by when not receiving custody. This article will show the key aspects to look at to see if regaining custody is a possibility. (Related: custody mediation, divorce mediation attorney)

Any legal process will take time to be completed, so you don’t want to make a challenge for custody if you don’t have viable reasons to change the decision that is already put in place.


What Are the Main Things That Could Sway a Decision in Custody Negotiations?


• Willingness to Cooperate with Ex-Partner

Showing you are willing to cooperate with your ex-partner, demonstrates maturity and the fact you genuinely want the best for your children, despite your past.


• Home Evaluation 

Your home must meet the requirements to ensure you are able to provide your children with the necessary living conditions.


• Proof of Financial Income to Support Family Permanently

You must prove you can support your children financially to even to be considered for custody.


• Weigh Up Your Past 

If you have a past of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or any criminal records, your chance of gaining custody is extremely slim depending on your circumstances.


• Cooperate Fully with Courts Demands

The court will make particular demands based off of the case, and if you challenge any, you can potentially ruin your chances of securing custody.


• Make the Process About Positives Rather Than Negatives

The court will base their evaluation on many things, and one of those things will be on how you carry yourself and focus on the positives of the situation.


• Find an Experienced Child Custody Attorney

In order to ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of securing custody, you should not hesitate to find an experienced child custody attorney to help you make key decisions during the whole process.