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When Can Moisture Impact Your Electronic Goods?

The characteristics of any electronic device will suffer from performance issues and eventually fail if met with liquid or moisture to sensitive areas. Everybody knows this theory, so precautions are always taken to prevent any problems with their electronic goods in generic circumstances. However, not everybody is aware of how some other scenarios can cause the same damage. With that being said, this article will go over some of those scenarios where extra precautions are needed. (Related topics: military tape, protective packaging, VCI paper)

Moisture is the build-up of water that is diffused in small quantity as vapor, and it can potentially be more of an issue with electronic devices as it can get through the small openings of the hardware and directly damage the sensitive areas. The following scenarios will be based on problems from the effects of moisture as they are the hardest to avoid.

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Sending a Package

When you send any package, you don’t know the circumstances that your package may have to endure. If a package is being sent overseas, the environments it may come in contact with may be high in humidity, altitude, and temperature. Moisture can quickly build up and get into your package in these circumstances if the correct precautions are not taken. When sending a parcel with electronic contents, this can be a major issue.


In the Bathroom

Many of us today take our phones with us everywhere, including the bathroom. Something as simple as leaving your phone on the side while you have a shower can cause adverse effects to the performance of your phone due to the moisture and humidity.


Places with High Humidity

Going on vacation is a great time for everyone. However, if the destination you are going to is known to be very hot and humid, it can impact how your electronic devices perform. This issue is something that is difficult to overcome but the key is only to use your electronic devices in necessary times, keeping the exposure as minimal as possible.

To summarize, many electronic devices today are built with proper levels of protection against moisture and humidity. The problem is that you can’t guarantee you will always overcome each scenario. You should always take extra precautions to protect any of your belongings to avoid potential disappointment.