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Winter Wonderland Party Planning

Planning a party during winter is no easy task, especially taking into account there’s a polar vortex going on out there. (Related topic: event spaces)

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However, these are a few tips for you to make sure your winter party is a smashing success.

– Take special care of the roads
Whatever venue you’ve chosen for the event, it needs special attention during the winter season. Make sure the driveway and parking lot are in optimal condition for traffic. If you’re planning an event that’s particularly big or crowded, make sure to get help from the local authorities to ensure the roads will be safe and clean.

– Make sure the heat in the venue is working correctly
Choose a venue that comes with a built-in heating solution, like central heating for example. However, if for some reason the venue you’ve chosen does not come with heating incorporated, make sure to rent or buy heating units to place them in strategic areas of the venue.

– Choose a menu for cold weather
In cold weather, the food can make a massive difference. Make sure to choose special dishes to comfort your employees and fight the unpleasant feeling of excess cold.

For the appetizers, choose a cream or soup followed by a wholesome entreé with complimentary side dishes such as mashed potatoes, aromatic roasted veggies, gratin potatoes or veggie soufleé.

– Pick decorations that help maintain the cold
If you’re setting up the venue for your guests, try including decor that can help your guests feel more comfortable in spite of the cold. Pick couch and armchair blankets and cushions with textures that feel especially pleasant amidst the cold atmosphere.

– Make sure to include a hot beverage bar
A hot beverage bar is perfect for a polar vortex party. You can serve herbal infusions, tea, coffee, chocolate and even hot cocktails.