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3 Fun Fruit Snack Ideas for Your Children

As summer approaches, that also means that we’re up against a lot of time in the sun with our children.  What does this mean?  For most of us this means indulging in sweat, cold treats to cool us off after running around.  Although this is great every so often, the best pedodontists in Glen Rock warn parents that too many treats in the summer can easily turn into cavities.  That’s why they encourage incorporating more fruits into your summer snacks.  Easier said than done, right?  For those of you that have kids that are picky, here are some of the fun ways to incorporate more fruit into your child’s diet.

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Homemade Popsicles

There’s no better snack on a hot day than a cold popsicle.  The only downside is that they’re usually packed with sugar.  The good thing is that they’re easy to make and you can change the recipes to match what your children like.  For instance, if they like mango, you can blend mango and milk together (and a little honey, if you want) and place the mix in a mold to freeze.  After a couple of hours you’ll have fresh and healthy popsicles ready.

Fruit Kabobs

Kids tend to like things that are colorful and bite-size, making this the perfect snack.  To encourage your children to eat this, have them help you pick out which fruit they want on the kabob.

Chocolate-Covered Bananas

Just because it’s a healthy snack doesn’t mean it can’t have a little chocolate!  To make this, freeze bananas for about an hour and then dip them into the chocolate.  Let the chocolate harden and they’re ready!  This is another recipe that can be changed depending on what your children like.  For instance, instead of chocolate, you can use sugar-free peanut butter.  Or you can use chocolate and then dip it in crushed almonds to give it a crunch.  The possibilities are endless.


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