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3 Tips for Your Static Shielding Bags

Among the many protective packaging products that are being utilized, static shielding bags are one of the most popular.  These bags protect electronic devices from exposure to static electricity and ESD.  Now that so many products are being shipped or put in long-term storage, this type of protective packaging is more important than ever.  

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If you have recently purchased static shielding bags, then you can feel confident that your electronic devices will arrive at their destination in great condition.  That being said, you should consider the following 3 tips so that your products stay protected.


Tip #1: Enclose Your Items in the Bag

The shielding bags that you use need to be big enough to enclose the entire product inside.  The bag should then be closed with a label or tape.  If the product is not completely enclosed, then it won’t be fully protected.  


Tip #2: Don’t Overuse the Bags

It is recommended to reuse your static shielding bag so that you don’t need to purchase a new bag each time you want to make a shipment.  That being said, when a bag starts to tear or get excessive wrinkles, it should be thrown away.  If not, your products won’t be protected.


Tip #3: Shielding Bags Are Not Working Surfaces

Some people make the mistake of using their bags as a working surface for their products.  Although these bags are intended for ESD sensitive devices, they’re only meant to protect them, not to work on.  By working on them, it can deteriorate their condition at a faster rate.

For more tips on how you can use static shielding bags and other protective packaging, contact an experienced manufacturer and distributor.

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