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4 Milestones to Expect From Your Child’s Teeth

As a first-time parent, there are a lot of obstacles that you’ll need to figure out. And that’s perfectly okay, as no one expects first-time parents to have it all figured out. Between teaching them how to walk and talk, taking them to school for the first time, and maintaining their health, there’s a lot to learn. When it comes to their teeth, it’s important that you help them maintain their oral hygiene; if not, it can lead to other health issues. Here are the 4 important stages that you should expect from your child’s teeth.


Their First Tooth

Most children start growing their first tooth between 6 months and 1 year old. This is an exciting moment, but be prepared for your child to be irritated during this process. Teething is an uncomfortable experience for them, and you’ll want to try to prevent them from getting a teething rash. To do so, keep the area around their mouth dry by continually wiping it with a clean rag.


Losing Their First Tooth

After they finish teething, the next step is to lose their teeth. Although it can be uncomfortable, most children are excited to lose their teeth. If you believe in supporting the tooth fairy, it’s a great way to make your children excited.


Permanent Teeth

During this phase, your child will probably have periods of time where their teeth agitate them. Since they’re older than the first time they were teething, however, they should be more tolerant of the pain. This stage usually occurs when they are around 6 years old.



After your child’s permanent teeth have grown in, you may be considering braces. Of course, not everyone chooses to do this step. That being said, braces can improve your child’s smile, as well as their health.

If you’re not a dentist, you probably don’t know how to check if their teeth are on the right track. That’s why you should take your child to the best kids dentist in Glen Rock. best kids dentist in Glen Rock will monitor the growth of their teeth, as well as offer deep cleaning. Make sure to visit the best kids dentist in Glen Rock every 6 months.

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