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About Dental Crowns for Baby Teeth

Caps- or dental crowns for baby teeth are tooth coverings that are shaped in the form of a tooth. These will be cemented onto the regular tooth with the main purpose to restore the structure of the tooth and help reshape the tooth to its initial form. When it comes to pediatric dentistry- the best kids dentist franklin lakes, there is often the need to perform dental crown treatments for heavily decayed baby teeth.

The best kids dentist franklin lakes may recommend dental crowns in the case of a badly decayed baby tooth (such as a very large cavity), especially if found on two surfaces. For example, teeth that are severely decayed or teeth that are fractured cannot be repaired with the help of a dental filling most of the time. This is when dental crowns are recommended. These teeth cannot be repaired by using only dental filling, because the teeth will ultimately break, wear out or even fall out, which further requires dental treatments to be performed. Dental crowns are far superior when it comes to durability when compared to dental fillings. For example, a dental crown can last up until the baby’s teeth fall out (around the age of 12).

Besides repairing decayed teeth, it is extremely important to restore the primary baby teeth. The enamel on the surface of baby teeth is quite thin when compared to permanent teeth, so decay can also spread much faster. These dental crowns help not only save a badly decayed tooth, but they will also play a major role in the prevention of dental decay spreading and prevent infection.

The main role of baby teeth is to actually “hold” the space for the permanent teeth. When baby teeth are badly damaged, it is best to restore them to their initial form, shape, and function. The baby teeth that are in good health will help the permanent teeth erupt in their proper position. However, if baby teeth are removed (extracted), the adjacent teeth can drift into this free space preventing permanent teeth from erupting in their correct position. Also, these types of dental restorations will help maintain a good development of the muscles and jawbone of the child.

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