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Are Kidney Infections Caused by Untreated UTI?

A kidney infection is a type of urinary tract infection that typically starts in your bladder and then moves upwards toward the kidneys. It is essential to see a urology doctor manhattan at the first signs of a UTI so that the infection can be stopped from moving upstream toward the kidneys. In extremely rare cases, a kidney infection can lead to other health complications, but with quick intervention and treatment, the complications can be stopped. Most types of kidney infections are caused by viruses or bacteria that will first “attack” the bladder. The condition will migrate toward the kidneys if you do not get proper treatment in this phase.

Kidney infections can also happen following surgery if the bacteria enter your system during the intervention. The human body has different defense mechanisms so that you can stay protected against urinary tract infections. Urine travels “one –way,” starting from your kidneys and going toward the bladder. Therefore, the viruses or bacteria that enter your system are flushed with the help of urinating. The one–way urine flow is the one that protects your body from all sorts of infections. However, when the defense system does not work well, the bacteria can cause a UTI in the bladder. This is when you should see a urology doctor manhattan to get the proper treatment in the early phase of the infection, and then the bacteria will not migrate toward your kidneys.

Pyelonephritis is the medical term describing an infection of the kidneys. Typically, you are likely to develop a kidney infection if you have a urinary tract infection in your bladder, if you are a woman (women are at greater risk of developing UTIs), if you are pregnant if you struggle with the condition that blocks the normal urine flow in your system, if you have diabetes or an immune system problem or if you have spinal cord injury/nerve injury.

Kidney infections can also lead to other complications, such as high blood pressure, kidney failure, and kidney scars, leading to chronic kidney disease and other problems.


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