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Beautiful Historically Inspired Mirrors

When discussing myths and legends about mirrors, one cannot omit the myth of Narcissus. Mirrors are about vanity, and one of the best lessons is given by the legend of Narcissus. He has been doomed forever to just staring at his reflection…for taking vanity so seriously. However, this is just a myth, but mirrors remain some of the most important items in everybody’s home. Mirrors are beautiful. They reflect natural light throughout the home, and they have a very important purpose- allowing us to see ourselves and why not, to admire ourselves when beautifully dressed up for that upcoming evening out. Instead of opting for just any plain mirror, you should have a look at the gorgeous historically inspired mirrors available through The Federalist Online. They offer an amazing collection of mirrors that are historically inspired, and beautifully handcrafted to the smallest detail.

Maybe you are looking for a small handheld mirror? Such a historically inspired mirror represents the best gift idea. Mirrors back in the Middle Ages were outrageously expensive, and whoever had in his possession even a tiny handheld mirror meant he is a wealthy person. Today this is not the case anymore, but you can still invest in a beautiful reproduction mirror that features old-age design and characteristics.

Many centuries ago, handheld mirror cases were carved from elephant ivory. The ivory had to be shipped from Africa and considering the times this was an extremely tedious and laborious task. Today, you can own beautiful historically inspired mirrors, and they are only one click away. Check the amazing collection of handcrafted mirrors available through The Federalist Online. All the items come with all the details and information that you need so that you can select the mirror that best suits your needs and expectations.

Here, you can choose from amazing Venetian-style mirrors, gemstone mirrors, early 18th century mirrors, and many others. The company offers only the highest quality items handcrafted with great attention to each detail. Select from the available items and enjoy a little piece of history in your own home.

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