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Beautify your Home with Just One Item

Your home is your comfort zone. It is the best place in the world, the place where you return to rest after a full day at work, and the place where you return with great love even after a splendid holiday. Your home deserves the best and it deserves to look in the most beautiful way. So is there one single item that can completely change the looks and the whole feeling of a room? Yes. By opting for luxury antique mirrors, you will bring an instant “wow” effect to your home.

Beautifying your home is extremely exciting, and with a relatively smaller investment you can change the entire face of your room- whether we talk about your bedroom, the hallways, or even your diner area. Luxury antique mirrors cannot be compared to regular modern mirrors. The antique mirrors will blend in beautifully and “clash” to perfection even with the most modern home design. In fact, you should dare to add an antique luxury mirror, such as an oval one to your modern bathroom, and you can further complement the style by adding an antique style hanging lantern to the ceiling for example.

Antique framed mirrors will contrast amazingly with white walls, but they also look perfect and more daring against dark colored walls such as royal blue, purple, fiery red or even black. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your home using such mirrors. You should add one such mirror to the hallway, above a table for example, were you will also place a vase with fresh flowers. You will create an instant picture with a historical feeling right into your home.

It is important to understand that you do not necessarily have to own a classical or antique style décor in your home in order to afford decorating your wall with an antique mirror. Home design experts agree that as long as “good taste” is kept in balance you can beautifully combine textures, shapes and objects to your exact liking. Try combining the use of antique mirrors with lighting fixtures in the same style or decorate the respective wall with antique style wallpaper for an added effect.

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