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Belizean Dishes Made with Coconuts

When you travel, it’s exciting to notice all of the ways that the country you’re visiting is different from yours.  This could be because of the culture, traditions, holidays, way of interacting, and even the food.  For the foodies out there, the cuisine in different countries is intriguing because there are so many different ingredients and ways of preparation.  When you go on a Belize vacation package, you’ll notice that there’s one ingredient that’s super important to Belizean cuisine: coconut.  Check out some of the popular dishes that are made with coconut.

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Rice & Beans

Rice and beans is a traditional dish around the world, and also one of the staple dishes in Belize.  The preparation in Belize is a bit different, however, because instead of being cooked in water, it’s cooked in coconut milk.  When you eat it, you can taste the difference.



Hudut, which is a coconut fish stew, is a traditional Garifuna dish (descendents of Afro-indigenous population).  This meal consists of fish cooked in coconut broth (called sere) and served with mashed plantains or yams.


Creole Bread

Creole bread may appear as plain white bread, but it has a special ingredient: coconut milk.  The coconut milk elevates the flavors in this bread, making it fragrant and delicious. 



Tablata is a popular candy that’s made from coconut flakes.  It’s a delicious and sweet treat, with coconut being the most important ingredient.


Coconut Fudge

We’ve probably all tried chocolate fudge, but if you haven’t had coconut fudge, then you’re missing out.  The shredded coconut adds a sweet, tropical flavor.


Pina Colada

Did you really go to Belize if you didn’t have a pina colada by the beach?  This cocktail is made with rum, pineapple, and coconut milk or cream of coconut.

Coconut is an important ingredient when it comes to Belizean cuisine.  In fact, the first Belizean coconut festival happened in 2017 so that locals and tourists alike can go and enjoy different dishes.  When you’re on your Belize vacation package, make sure to try new and exotic meals.

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