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Benefits of Using VCI Bags

Rust and corrosion are some of the most common reasons why a product can be damaged during shipment. If no preventive measures are taken, a perfectly functional and high-quality product may arrive at its final destination completely useless because of corrosion. VCI bags and VCI paper are protective packaging products that ensure that goods remain safe from corrosion during their shipments. In this article, we will tell you some of the benefits of VCI products.

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But first, letร”ร‡ร–s clarify what VCI products are. VCI is an acronym for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors. VCI bags or paper have the VCI compounds adhered to them, and when a good is packed with VCI bags or paper, they slowly release their chemical compounds to prevent corrosion.

Now, that weร”ร‡ร–ve clarified what VCI is, letร”ร‡ร–s take a look at some of the benefits that VCI bags and VCI paper offer.

– Since all products come in different sizes, and metals are not the exception, VCI products can accommodate to any size, which results in space efficiency when shipping.

-By effectively protecting the goods from corrosion, VCI products guarantee that your customers are satisfied with their purchase and, at the same time, decrease costs in the long run.

-Depending on the unique characteristics of the metal being shipped, you can choose the VCI product that best suits your specific needs.

-VCI bags and paper are easy to use. Simply, safely put your product in the bag or wrap the paper around it, and it will do the trick of protecting your product from corrosion.

-Most VCI products are reusable and are safe to use.

-VCI bags and papers protect your products, not only from corrosion but also form other external factors, such as mechanical influences.

-Most VCI bags and VCI paper can protect metal from corrosion for up to 5 years.

We hope this article has been helpful and provided you with some insight into the benefits VCI products offer. If used correctly, they will guarantee that your goods are corrosion-free at all times!

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