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Best Baseball Card Brands

Are you selling a sports card collection NY? Then, you need to invest quality time into research to ensure that you are selling to a reputable buyer. Selling your collection online through a marketplace can expose you to many risks. This is why you should opt for a reputable online dealer such as American Legends- here, you will get your collection professionally appraised and then receive a fair offer. Choose to sell through a respected channel and avoid the impending risks.

Collecting baseball cards is a trendy hobby nowadays, and there are several brands of cards available. Brands such as Topps, Panini, or Upper Deck are regarded as some of the most popular brands, so before selling or buying cards, you should know a few things about these popular brands. Topps is a giant in the industry of sports trading cards. The company started to make baseball cards in 1951, and one of the most popular cards they ever issued was the 1952 Mickey Mantle Card. Topps is a producer of cards that the industry regards as “standard” regarding card size, player stats references, and other details.

Then, Panini is a relatively new company that started making cards in 2009. This is a company that can be regarded as the main competitor of Topps, especially if we look at the popularity of their cards and the number of sales. Panini purchased the Donruss Playoff cards rights in 2009, and ever since, this line of cards has been considered highly valuable and essential among collectors. Panini cannot use team logos and names on their cards since they do not have a licensing agreement with MLB.

Upper Deck is a highly respected baseball card brand founded in 1989. They produce top-quality cards, and their UDA- Upper Deck Authentication program is essential. UDA is a 5-step process that helps ensure that the autographs on their cards and memorabilia are authentic.

Selling a sports card collection NY is challenging, but if you have enough knowledge about the industry, you can sell your cards for a fair price.


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