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enlarged pores and shrinkage

Dermatologist Tips for Enlarged Pores

Each time you look in the mirror, the enlarged pores give you a headache. As people age, enlarged pores become a problem, but they also represent an issue for people with a more oily complexion. So is there anything you can do in terms of enlarged pores shrinkage? Definitely yes. Follow these tips below to minimize pores and enjoy more even and problem-free skin.

You need to respect a good skincare regimen. To avoid elastin and collagen loss from your skin, you must give your skin enough sun protection. It would be best if you used broad-spectrum sunscreen to get protection from harmful UV rays. Then chemical peels can also help. With a chemical peel, you clean your pores from the accumulated dead skin cells so that enlarged pores will shrink. There are many over-the-counter chemical peels that you can use at home, but you should use these no more than once every two weeks.

Another essential ingredient that fights facial wrinkles and also acne problems is retinol. Therefore, use retinol-based skincare products because these will help clear out dead skin cells and unclog the pores. Thus, you can reveal beautiful and fresh skin after consistently using retinol-based products. Seeing a dermatologist, if nothing else works, is also essential. The dermatologist will prescribe more powerful retinoid products that work more effectively than over-the-counter ones. Sometimes they also prescribe oral medications such as Accutane. The medicines reduce oil production in the skin, leading to enlarged pores and shrinkage.

Microneedling performed by dermatologists can also represent an effective way to deal with enlarged pores. The procedure helps plump up the skin so that pores will ultimately shrink.

You can schedule a free consultation with Sana Obaid, MD, for more advanced technology treatments. Enjoy powerful enlarged pores shrinkage treatments with the multi-proprietary Viora V30 platform. The treatment offers a quick and effective solution for long-term results. With the help of these treatments, you will enjoy fibroblast stimulation, which produces new elastin and collagen.

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