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Did You Know About These Protective Packaging Products?

Protective packaging has gained popularity over the years in both the military and in everyday life.  The goal of this packaging is to protect against potential harm during transit and long-term storage.  Those of us that are new to learning about protective packaging have probably heard of the most commonly used packaging, such as desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags.  That being said, there are many products that can be included in this; keep reading to learn about 3 protective packaging products that you may have never heard of.


Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity indicator cards have moisture sensitive spots that represent various levels of humidity.  These cards work by showing a visible color change from blue to pink, depending on how much humidity it was exposed to.  Why is this important?  The reason why these cards are utilized is to better understand if the moisture barrier bags and desiccant bags have completed their job.  If they aren’t working well, it lets you know that you should reevaluate how many desiccants you’re using or if you’re using the moisture barrier bag correctly.


Military Tape

Military tape is important in the military because it meets military standards.  That being said, because of its great quality and strength, it’s also a great product to use in your everyday life.  Although many people don’t know this, military tape is also considered protective packaging, as it can help bundle oddly-shaped packages, and it also has many other uses.  For instance, PVC tape can be used in construction, electrical, and wire harnessing applications.



Many people use protective packaging, such as desiccant packs or anti-static bags, but forget to use labels on the outside of their packages.  The reason why labels are important is because it’s a warning label for the person who handles your packages.  The warning label will tell them how they should handle it and if they should use extra caution.


Many people don’t realize how many protective packaging products actually exist.  To learn more about how to keep your items safe, contact an experienced protective packaging company.


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