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Different Types of Protective Packaging for Shipping

Protective packaging plays a significant role in the case of both small and large-sized businesses. Especially those businesses that ship items regularly, need to invest in top-quality protective packaging. The parcels and packages shipped from one place to the other require good quality protective packaging. As a business owner, you need to ensure that all the items/products you ship to your customers reach the destination in perfect condition. With today’s social media hype, up to 80% of the users will film the unboxing of different items when they receive the package. Therefore, the packages need to reach the end consumer in perfect condition. Otherwise, your business will get a bad reputation, and you do not want that to happen.

So what are some of the most often used types of protective packaging? First, there are the packaging peanuts. These are foam-based products resembling the shape of a peanut. These foam products are typically inserted with items that come in bunches. The primary role of the packaging peanuts is to serve as filling and protective material for the items enclosed in the package. These peanuts will snuggly surround the enclosed items so that they will not move around in the box or so that they will not break, bend, etc., while being transported.

Then, there are the padded divider sets. These are used to organize better the items that are shipped. This type of packaging is ideal for smaller objects, helping organize them well inside the box. Next, there are the well-known bubble bags. The bubble wrap bags represent packaging solutions that can be used for shipping smaller-sized or larger-sized fragile items, for example. You can use bubble wrap to protect a fridge when shipping it or a smaller item such as a watch that needs adequate protection.

Edco Supply Corporation offers various protective packaging solutions across all industries. You are welcome to browse through the large inventory and select the packaging items that best suit your needs and requirements.

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