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Different Types of Real Estate Contracts

The reason that real estate contracts exist is because they offer protection to both the buyer and the seller.  In order for the contract to be enforceable, there are certain requirements and steps that have to be met, including the initial offer, acceptance, consideration, legal capacity, and legality of purpose.  Some of the important factors that must be included in the contracts are price and timing, contingencies, inspection details, closing costs, and more.

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One of the most popular reasons why people use real estate contracts is because they are ready to buy or sell their home.  What many people don’t consider is that there are other reasons to create a real estate contract, such as:

  • Buying a Property to Rent: This is a similar process, as you will still need to find a property that you’re interested in and make an agreement with the owner.  That being said, to be a legal landlord, there are certain regulations that you will have to follow.  Your lawyer will help you with this.
  • Wholesaling a Property: Wholesalers find off-market properties and assign the purchase contract to an end buyer, such as a rehabber.
  • Prehabbing a Property: Prehabbing is a type of exit strategy where an investor will make small improvements to a property in the hopes of someone buying it for a better price.  This isn’t considered flipping because they will only make minimal improvements.


Although a purchase agreement is the most common contract, there are different types of real estate contracts.  These contracts are used to protect your investments and minimize your liability and risk.

Whether you’re purchasing a home to live in or wholesaling a property, make sure you stay protected.  You can do this with the help of a cash flow loan CT lawyer.  For help during this process, find a lawyer that’s experienced in real estate transactions.

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