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Does Couples Counseling Work in Case of Infidelity?

When trust is shuttered, two people can find it extremely difficult to rebuild that trust and find harmony again. Couples counseling Tuckahoe ny is very helpful for couples where infidelity is an issue. Studies show that it takes approximately 10 to 12 couples counseling sessions until the couple will indeed see a difference for the better. However, not all couples struggling with infidelity will manage to rebuild their relationship and trust. It really takes both people involved agreeing to take the necessary effort to make things better. It takes a lot of patience and work in order to regain that trust and be able to live in a beautiful harmony again.

How can couples counseling Tuckahoe ny helps

  • You will learn to become more alert and aware in recognizing the relationship patterns that led to the problem in the first place
  • Learn to identify and at the same time change the types of behaviors and patterns that created the problem
  • Improve communication skills – the lack of communication is the number one risk factor that can lead to ruining even the most bonded relationships
  • Learning to speak in a more open manner about emotions and feelings
  • Eliminate blaming
  • Work more on increasing empathy & understand better the other

Behavioral couples therapy focuses on teaching couples’ different skills that help greatly improve the overall quality of their relationship. Through behavioral therapy you will learn to change statements from You to I. For example, instead of expressing blame towards your partner for something, learn to state your emotions and feelings that involve how you feel as a result of his/her actions.

Couples also learn new behavior patterns in order to minimize the negative patterns. Relationships are extremely complex, and sometimes rebuilding trust will take plenty of work and struggle. The good part is that professional couples counseling can make a difference in your life as a couple. Regardless of whether it is infidelity or another bothering problem, reach out to a professional as soon as possible to increase your chances of healing much faster.

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