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Engaging Millennials with Direct Marketing

ThereÔÇÖs this myth about millennials being unable to get off their phones and, because of this, many people believe that direct response marketing is worthless if youÔÇÖre trying to connect with this particular audience. (Related topics: direct response marketing)

However, generalizing is rarely a clever strategy and, if you want to know for sure, itÔÇÖs always best to do your own research because when you do, the reality might be different from whatever preconception you might have.

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A recent study has shown that 77% of millennials not only pay attention to direct response advertising ÔÇôespecially mail, but they also seem to have a special inclination towards mail. They scan their mail and actually take time to read it and to show it to others.

Naturally, in the current age, a successful marketing strategy should include digital marketing efforts but direct response advertising is still effective. Nevertheless, if you want to make sure your campaign works, here are a few things that can maximize your chances of improving your ROI.

  • ÔÇó Microtargeting

    Take advantage of the breakthroughs in technology and use big data to build your campaigns around specific demographics, behaviors or even life-events in order to have a bigger impact on your audience.

  • ÔÇó Testing and Monitoring

    Testing your new strategies and keep tracking of how they perform to ensure that the results of your campaigns can be broken down and tracked to determine what’s effective and whatÔÇÖs not. A/B split testing allows you to tweak and change the campaigns, and measure what works best so you can adjust your marketing budgets and see higher returns on investments (ROIs).

  • ÔÇó Apply the ÔÇ£3-7-27ÔÇØ Rule

    This rule suggests that if you get your message in front of a prospect three times, they will recall who you are. If you do the same seven times, the prospect will remember your brand. Then, after 27 times, the rule says your prospect will perceive your brand as trustworthy. So donÔÇÖt give up if your results are not immediate, and wait for at least those 3 times before start re-adjusting your campaigns.

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