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Exit Planning Strategies

In case your startup company has not become what you actually dreamed of, it may be time to think about an exit planning strategy. Please remember that an exit planning Connecticut lawyer can assist you with everything you need for a successful exit. Now let’s check out some of the most popular exit planning strategies

IPO- Initial Public Offering– an IPO exit route strategy benefits greatly private investors who want to make some money from their investment in a company. Those investors who have made investments prior to the IPO period will be able to sell their shares for profit. The IPO strategy offers private investors a route of exit so that they can sell stakes in the company, and they can sell these after the lock-in period (typically, the lock-in period ranges from 3 and up to 24 months- this is the period when a private investor cannot sell the shares)

M&A- Merger & Acquisition– Merger & Acquisition translates into selling to a larger company, or merging with a similar one. Basically, through this combination resources can be saved and the two separate companies mix their forces to create something new and more powerful. An exit planning Connecticut lawyer can help you select the most favorable exit strategy option tailored to your individual needs. Do not hesitate to contact your lawyer for more details and professional help.

Selling to a third party– yet another exit planning strategy where you can actually cash out on your business and start paying off your investors, while keeping some for yourself. By selling to a third party you can finally take some time off and spend some time away from the crowds to work on your next best business idea. Again, a good idea would be to get professional advice through a lawyer to ensure that you are selling well and that everything is in order with your exit plan strategy.

Carefully think over all your options before deciding on any exit planning strategy. Liquidation and closing the business is your last resource, so get professional help to see if there are other options that can be more fruitful for you.

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