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FAQ About Rollover Equity

Many of us have heard of rollover equity, but we may not understand exactly how it works. To start, we should define what equity is. Equity is ownership of assets that may have debts or other liabilities attached to them. Rollover equity, furthermore, is when equity holders in a company decide to roll a portion of their ownership stake into the new equity capital structure by a private equity firm, in place of receiving cash. To better understand rollover equities, this article answers some of the frequently asked questions about this subject. (Related topics: qualified opportunity zones map, qualified opportunity zones)


What are the advantages of rollover equity?

The advantage of rollover equities is that they allow the seller to continue making money from future transactions. This means that they have the potential to make more money from a rollover equity than from a normal sale.


What is a tax deferred rollover?

This allows for the deferral of taxes that would otherwise be paid for certain assets or transactions. For example, a business owner can carry transfer assets to the corporation and receive shares of the corporation in return. By doing so, theyโ€™re deferring the payment of capital gains tax.


What is the purpose of rollover equity?

One of the purposes of this is to ensure that the managementโ€™s interests are aligned with the investment firm. This is especially important in privately held businesses when key management personnel receive their first major liquidity event.


How much of the business does the equity holder usually own?

Equity rollovers usually have a post-transaction ownership by the seller of between 10% to 40%.

If you have never had rollover equity, this topic may seem intimidating. The great thing is that there are rollover equity CT attorneys that can help you through the process. That way, the rollover equity CT attorney can answer any of your questions.

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