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Feng Shui Rules for Placing Mirrors

Regardless of whether you practice Feng Shui or not, a beautiful and inviting room layout is extremely important. Certainly not all interior designers are fans of this art, but many of them will respect some of the main principles of feng shui. Mirrors represent highly important décor items in your home, and knowing how to strategically place them to obtain the best result is quite helpful. By following the tips and tricks below, you will learn how to place those antique reproduction mirrors and bring more energy and good feel to your entire home

Never place mirrors opposite your front door. According to the principles of Feng Shui, it is not good karma to place mirrors opposite your front door. When your visitors enter your home, the first thing they see should not be their reflection in a mirror. Instead, hang the mirror adjacent to the front door (such as above a small table with a beautiful vase on it).

Mirrors reflect wealth. Use them abundantly in spaces where you spend more time during the day. According to experts in the field, you can freely add antique reproduction mirrors on the walls of your dining area. In fact by adding three such mirrors in a line on the wall, will immediately brighten up the area and add the illusion of more space.

Placing mirrors in the kitchen – a big no- no. Experts believe that mirrors placed in kitchens actually attract a negative energy. Use them in the dining area, but do not place them in a kitchen space.

When placing a mirror in your home, always think about what it will reflect. Strategically place a mirror on the wall in order to give back a reflection of your lavish chandelier. Or, place a mirror so that it will give a reflection of your favorite coffee table with your favorite accessories on it. Do not place a mirror in a spot that you do not want reflected – such as making the mirror reflect an empty corner of your room for example. With the help of mirrors you can definitely add more space but also bring in more natural light.

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