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Federalist-Inspired Makeover

Give Your House a Federalist-Inspired Makeover

Giving your house a makeover is a big job.  You need to choose the style you want, find the right accessories, and work with someone who knows what they’re doing.  If you’re about to start this journey, the first step is to choose the style and make a plan.  After you make the plan, you can talk to a professional to make it happen.  If you’re choosing a federalist-inspired makeover, here are the 3 important things you should consider.

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Solid Wood Floors

If you’re going for a modern look, then you’ll probably want concrete, contemporary linoleum, or even cork flooring.  If you want an antique look, however, you should go with solid wood floors.  The great thing about wood is that it’s traditional and goes with any wall design.  It also gets bonus points for being a durable option, meaning you can expect it to stay in great condition for years.


Vintage Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback, especially if you’re going for the federalist-style look.  Although there are many different styles of wallpaper, some will go better with your style than others.  Instead of choosing bright colors, go for pastel colors, such as pale pink, duck egg blue, and mint.


Federalist-Style Furniture

This is the fun part!  There’s so many different furniture pieces that will compliment your new floors and walls.  Here are some of the pieces that you can choose from:

  • Mirrors – Mirrors are a great addition to any house.  They’re practical, beautiful, and act as a decoration.  There are different types of vintage mirrors available, so you can choose from large ground mirrors or even small mirrors that hang on the wall.
  • Luxury antique beds – If you want a federalist-style home, then you need to include this type of furniture in your bedroom as well.  We say this because some people just choose to style their living room, rather than their whole home.  By including a luxury antique bed in your bedroom as well, you have a more complete look.
  • Sofa – Sofas are usually the center of the living room, which is why you need one that will also match the look of your home.  If not, you’ll have a vintage home with a modern sofa – this may not look as great as you’d like.


If you’re ready to start planning your federalist-style makeover, then these are three of the most important factors to consider.  When choosing your furniture, make sure to work with a professional with experience making federalist-style furniture in order to get the best quality.

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