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Handling a Septic Emergency- Who to Call & What to Do

Having a septic tank in your yard will bring about quite a lot of nuisance. However, if you know what to do ion case of septic emergencies ny and if you carry on those inspections on a regular basis, problems can be kept at bay. It is important to note that septic tanks need to be inspected and pumped at least once every 3 years. However, you should perform this task even more often if you have more people residing in your household. For example, in a household with 5 or more people septic tanks need to be checked and cleaned even once per year.

Septic systems can break down waste but only in the presence of certain bacteria that grow organically. Now, the biggest mistake many homeowners make is to perform DIY tasks and add different chemicals believing that this way the septic tank will function properly. Instead, what happens is that these important bacteria are killed and then the septic tank cannot function properly, often leading to overflows and other such problems. The best thing to do is to contact septic emergencies ny experts and carry out regular inspections and maintenance of your septic tank. This way, you can avoid emergencies and complications that you do not want to deal with.

Foul odor coming from around the septic tank area is the number one sign that something may be wrong with your system. However, some other alarms that you should look out for include:

  • The showers, toilets and even the sinks have started to drain very slow all throughout the house
  • You have noticed dark colored liquid in the toilets
  • Fresh greenery is growing around the septic tank area
  • Wastewater puddles in different spots in your yard

In case you have noticed any of these signs, you should consider it a septic emergency. The best thing to do is contact Jones Septic Services experts. With our fleet of trucks and specialized crew septic pumping is easy and affordable. Do not let a septic tank issue turn into a disaster in your home- contact us today for reliable services.

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