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Healthy Snacks for Kids

Bergen county nj kids dental care experts agree that protecting your child’s teeth through a healthy diet is extremely important. If you learn to offer your child snacks that are healthy and low in sugar, you will protect their health but also their smile. For example, you can start combining fruits and vegetables with dairy or proteins. For example, you can offer them as snacks, celery with peanut butter, and you could also add a few raisins for extra fiber. Then, you should add fresh, frozen, or even dried fruits to low-fat yogurt. This is also a type of snack that is healthy, and your child will enjoy it as well.

Then, you can think of blending fruits with yogurt and a little fresh fruit juice for a tastier treat. Blend these, and you will obtain a healthy smoothie that protects the child’s overall health and teeth. As a non-dairy option, you could choose soy yogurt with added calcium and vitamins. Or you could cut vegetable strips that your child will dip in hummus. The veggie sticks can be made of carrots, celery, zucchini, and healthy bell peppers. Instead of offering your child prepackaged snacks loaded with sugar, carbs, and all sorts of bad ingredients for health, you should make a little effort and offer them something healthy.

This way, when you take your child to bergen county nj kids dental care, you will see that the dentist will say things are going well and that there are no cavities or other issues. Another healthy treat consists of apple slices that are topped with peanut butter. Also, remember to keep fresh fruits in a place easily accessible to your child- kitchen counter, for example. Every time they try to reach for a snack, you can show them the bowl of fresh fruits.

You can also combine whole grains with dairy and proteins, such as whole grain crackers with a low-fat cheese type, whole wheat bread with nut butter, popcorn mixed with dried fruit as a snack bowl, unsalted nuts, unsweetened dried fruits, fresh vegetables, and so on.

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