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Home Uses for Your Silica Gel Packages

Instead of throwing away your silica gel desiccant bags, thereÔÇÖs a series of things you can do with them around your house that might make your life easier in small yet meaningful ways. (Related Topic:┬áprotective packaging,┬áVCI paper,┬ámoisture barrier bags)

Desiccant bags are those tiny packages of silica gel that usually come inside your new pack of shoes, vitamins or inside that handbag that you just bought. Although your first instinct after opening your most recent purchase is to throw away the tiny desiccant bags, you should think twice and put them to good use around your home instead.

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For example, any place in your house in which moisture is a problem can be alleviated by the use of a desiccant bag. This is a bit generic so the following are more specific examples of how to make the most out of the silica gel bags.

To keep your vitamins safe from moisture damage, keep the silica pack that comes in the vitamin container. But vitamins are not the only thing you can protect; use the desiccant bags on dry food and pet food to keep it fresh and crispy by taping the silica gel pack to the lid of the container you use to store these products.

Another hack is to put desiccant bags at the bottom of your clothes hamper to absorb moisture from clothes or damp towels. Silica gel packs can also help dry out wet shoes or boots. On another note, silica gel packs can be used to reduce condensation on windows by setting them on the window sill.

If for some reason your phone got wet, you can dry it out by putting it inside a sealed bag with several desiccant packs. Also, if you keep documents or pictures in a box or cabinet, you can help protect them from moisture damage with a desiccant pack.

Throw some silica gel bags inside your toolbox to help prevent rust damage and keep razors from moisture damage by storing them in a sealed container with a silica gel pack.

Do you want a trick to avoid fogging? Put a few silica gel packs between your dashboard and windshield in the car and the fogging will stay at a minimum. Again, any moisture problem you might face around your house ÔÇô as long as it doesnÔÇÖt imply a major issue ÔÇô can be easily solved with a few desiccant packs. To “reactivate” your moisture-saturated silica gel packs, all you have to do is place them on a baking sheet in a 200-degree oven away from the heating element for two hours. Then, keep them stored in an airtight container away from pets and children.

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