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How Can a Private Equity Attorney Help?

Private equity is an investment type made up of capital which is not listed on public exchange. Private equity is made up of investors and certain funds that make direct investments into private companies or investors who play an active role in public company acquisition.
Private equity capital is provided by retail and institutional investors. This type of capital is typically used to provide funds for innovative technologies, making purchases, increase capital or to consolidate balance sheets. If you are interested to find out more regarding the topic, a rollover equity ct attorney can offer you all the assistance that you need.

Private equity funds have limited partners (known as LP), and they own 99% of the shares in each fund. Limited partners also have limited liability, which means that in case of company failure the private assets of the investors are not facing any risks. In a private equity fund scheme GP or General Partners will own 1% of the total shares, but they are under full liability.

Private equity investments main advantages:

Many companies prefer the private equity scheme it offers direct access to liquidity, instead of turning to bank loans that feature high interest

Private equity financing can offer a boost for companies that are de-listed. Such financing can help these companies develop and grow while away from the spotlight of the public markets

Leveraged buyouts โ€“ one of the most common types of private equity funding. This scheme supposes fully buying out a company to improve it on all levels (business model, financial level, etc.). Then, when improvements are finalized, the company can be resold for profit.

Venture capital is also a form of private equity where investors offer capital to the entrepreneurs so that they have the option of growing the company. Venture capital is mostly provided to businesses that are considered by the investors as having long-term potential.


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