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How CAPD Improves Clinical Workflow

The industry of healthcare technology is taking off – meaning that there are constantly new updates on systems in order to improve the outcome.  One of the newest FHIR-based versions for CDI is called CAPD360.  The reason why physicians are so excited about this new system is that it’s improving clinical workflow, which is a process involving a series of tasks, and more specifically refers to the delivery of clinical services.  Keep reading to find out how CAPD360 improves clinical workflow.

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Better Communication

CAPD improves communication by offering a real-time shared view of the medical chart between clinical departments, case managers, and physician advisors.  Effective communication among providers is important because they are better able to prevent problems by increasing day-to-day operating efficiency, save on costs, and protect their patients.  As a result, patients can have a better overall experience, meaning that it not only causes better communication, but helps treat the patients as well.


Accurate Treatment Plans

Clinical workflow is defined by the delivery of services offered to the patient.  That being said, if the patient is misdiagnosed and given medications that they don’t need, it’s a loss of resources, time, and satisfaction from the patient.  With better communication and real-time alerts that help physicians diagnose their patients, they can offer more accurate treatment plans.


Higher Revenues

The reason why an improved workflow can result in a higher revenue is because the system offers more timely and complete advice for decision-making and greater charge capture with more appropriate claims.

If you work for a healthcare organization who needs to improve their clinical workflow, then you should consider using CAPD360.  For more information, reach out to a healthcare professional.

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