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How Much Do Parents Have to Pay for Tutoring?

This is a relatively vague question, with a vague answer. You should understand that tutoring rates Manhattan or tutoring rates in any other area vary greatly depending on a set of factors. For example, the rates are always based on the exact type of tutoring you want, the skills and the knowledge of the tutor, the amount of time he will spend with the student for each session and so on. The best thing you can do is contact the tutoring agency you wish to work with and you can ask directly for some rates there. Typically, rates can start at about $15 per hour, and they can go as high as $100 or even more per hour. Again, this price depends so much on the type of tutoring your child needs and many other aspects.

Unfortunately, many parents are turned down by some of the prices they see out there and they turn to students for tutoring. However, you should understand that a tutor is a professional with many years of teaching experience and he has the skills and the knowledge to help your child learn in the most efficient manner. On the other hand, students will not have the skills or the professional experience to tutor your child in the most efficient and proactive manner. Regarding tutoring rates Manhattan, they are not even that high, and you can rest assured that your child will get indeed professional tutoring in any desired subject.

Yet another aspect you should keep in mind when discussing about rates is the difficulty level involved. For example, a tutor teaching basic Math to an elementary school student will obviously be cheaper than a tutor who teaches your child organic chemistry principles at college level. So what you are required to pay a tutor per hour depends on so many factors. There are also the online tutoring services available which always charge less (a monthly fee / set hourly fee) than a private tutor who needs to charge that extra fee for traveling to the location of the study, etc.

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