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How Often Do You Need to Pump Septic Tanks

Typically, septic tanks are installed in places where there is no access available to a sewer line.  Septic tanks can be mostly found in rural areas or areas where the homes were built prior to the sewers being installed. In order to avoid sewer backage, overflows and clogged plumbing systems, these septic tanks must be pumped out at regular intervals. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of septic pumping Wappingers falls ny.

In case you have just moved to a home with a septic tank system, you may be wondering how often you need to perform septic pumping Wappingers falls ny. Well, the majority of septic tanks need to be pumped out every 2 to 4 years. The exact timeframe highly depends on the number of people living in your household. For example, if only one single person lives in the home, septic tank pumping may be needed only once every 7 to 10 years. However, a home with a family of 4 or more people needs to perform septic tank pumping every 2 to 3 years maximum.

In case you don’t know when was the last time your septic tank was pumped, a regular checkup is extremely important. The experts will arrive to the premises and perform a thorough checkup to see if everything works in order. They will also perform some repairs if needed and of course perform septic pumping if required. You should never wait until it is too late and the water starts already bubbling on the fields or until you notice a sewer backup. If you just moved to the home, the first thing you can do is get an expert inspection of your septic tank.

One of the main reasons that speak is favor of performing septic pumping is system overload. Septic tanks are designed in order to keep heavy solids at the bottom and form a kind of sludge. In case the level of the sludge just goes too high this will lead to a blockage of the pipes of the tank that help draining the liquid sewage. If the liquid has nowhere to go, it can easily make its way right into your home. With septic pumping you can avoid all these problems and maintain your tank in a very good condition.

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