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How to Help Someone with an Eating Disorder?

In case you are worried that someone dear to you may struggle with bulimia, anorexia, or some other type of eating disorder, you should reach out to an expert. There is specific eating disorder counseling  Westchester available, and the experts here can offer the needed assistance. Below, you will find a few tips on how you can help your loved one go easier through the process of healing:

  • Do not judge. Try to understand your loved one’s eating disorder problem. Eating disorders come with huge disturbances in eating behavior. People can start bingeing on food secretly, they may follow very rigid diets that can be extremely dangerous to their health, they can obsessively count calories, and many other such aspects indicate an eating disorder. Taken deep to their core, eating disorders are closely related to emotional issues. People try to deal with their problems, so they take on very critical attitudes about their weight, appearance, and so on. Poor body image because of an underlying emotional issue can easily lead to huge eating disorder problems. Therefore, it is so important to reach out for expert help-eating disorder counseling Westchester experts are at your disposal.


  • Pay attention to the warning signs of an eating disorder-this is helpful, especially if you are a parent, and you truly wish that things will not get out of control. Teenagers and younger adults are the ones most exposed to eating disorders because of poor body image. The younger generation is constantly under pressure to “fit” into different models of social life. If you have noticed that your teenage child for example makes excuses to avoid meals too frequently, eats only very small portions, or obsessively counts the calories…it is time to take the matter into your hands and offer them the required help in the form of eating disorder counseling. Excessive cutting on the plate, excessive chewing, constantly rearranging food on a plate, and taking diet pills or even prescription stimulants should be all warning signs that something is wrong.
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