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How to Increase the Amount of Patients a Physician Visits Each Day

Among the many factors that affect a physician’s workflow, the amount of patients that they see is one of them.  That being said, physicians don’t want to rush to see many patients just so that they can offer short wait times; they want to offer them a treatment that works.  In order to maximize the amount of patient’s that a physician can see, while properly diagnosing and treating them, medical documentation software is necessary.  By using electronic software, patients can have a better experience and doctors are able to see more patients throughout the day; here’s why.

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Easy Access to Patient’s Medical History

Easy access to medical history is important because patient’s may forget to tell about it, or they may not know how to explain it easily.  By being able to review their history, it can help physicians better understand why the patient is returning to see them.


No Confusion in Paperwork

Before the physician talks with the patient, a nurse will take note of their symptoms, any family history, and anything else that they deem important.  This means that when the physician enters the room to evaluate the patient, they will already have this information available.  By documenting this information electronically, it improves communication among the healthcare team, meaning there’s no misunderstanding or miscommunication among hand-written notes.


Real-Time Alerts

As mentioned, the goal isn’t just to see more patients, but to accurately diagnose them.  With medical technology systems such as CAPD360, the doctor can insert the patient’s symptoms.  When they do, real-time alerts will suggest possible illnesses that the patient is suffering from based on their symptoms and past, similar situations.  Since there are many similar symptoms for different illnesses and conditions, this helps physicians notice a connection that they may not have without real-time alerts.


More Efficiency

At one point or another, many patients have experienced being diagnosed with something and then having to return the next week because the diagnosis wasn’t accurate.  Since the real-time alerts allow physicians to better diagnose patients, that means that less patient’s have to return for a better diagnosis.  This allows the institution to be more efficient.

Medical documentation software not only allows physicians to see more patients throughout the day, but it improves the patient’s experience as well.  If you work in a healthcare institution and want to improve the clinical workflow, try implementing new healthcare technology.

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