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How to Maintain Septic Tanks

Septic tanks that are regularly maintained and pumped will work perfectly for many decades. Septic tanks run smoothly for a very long time, provided they are adequately cared for. Make sure to carry out regular dutchess county ny septic tank inspections by professionals. This way, you will catch any problem early and remedy any issue without facing a septic emergency. Sewage backup inside the home represents a nightmare for any homeowner, so ensure to work with a professional team of septic tank experts who will carry out regular inspections, maintenance, servicing, and repairs when needed.

Always discuss with your plumber what types of treatments you can use that would help break down the solids. According to experts in the field, using chemical treatments in the septic tank is doing more harm than good. A septic tank is an organic sewage system that uses natural bacteria growth to break down solids and work perfectly. However, when you add chemical treatments, you are stopping bacteria growth, a natural process needed for the excellent functioning of the system. Talk to dutchess county ny septic tank inspections experts if you have any questions regarding the best treatment types for septic tanks.

Always pay attention to what you send down the drains, especially when you have a septic tank.

Just think that the septic tank “collects” everything that comes from the toilets, your showers, the sinks, the dishwasher, your washing machine, and the garbage disposal. Also, a good idea would be to consult an expert in the field if you wish to install a grinder pump. You are worried that solids are flushed down the toilet/sinks, and then you believe installing such a pump can solve everything. The grinder pump will shred everything into an outstanding matter; thus, the solids cannot separate from the fluids as required.

  • Inspection and pumping should be carried out every two years at least
  • Use toilets and faucets that are labeled as highly efficient
  • Do not drain cooking oils/ chemicals into the sink

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