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How to Think Like Sports Card Buyers

Selling sports card collections can be very profitable.  That being said, you need to know what you’re doing in order to get the most profit out of your cards.  That’s why when you start selling your collection, you have to think like the buyers.  If you only collect cards in order to sell them, then you may not understand the buyers point of view.  That’s why we’re going to identify some of the things that sports card buyers in NJ ask themselves before making a purchase.

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How’s the condition of the card?

Probably the first thing that an experienced collector will notice is the condition of the card.  Is the color faded?  Are the corners pointy?  Are the edges in good condition?  All of these questions will help them determine how much they’re willing to spend on your cards.


Is it easy to find in the market?

If you have a card that is really easy to find, then most likely the value of it isn’t that high.  The reason being is that the more rare a card is, the more valuable it usually is.  If the card is very accessible, the collector will ask themself why they should buy from you, and if your card is in better condition than the others than they can find.


Is the card graded?

When a card is graded, it is given a score from a third party; the score is based on the condition and authenticity of the card.  Although not all cards can benefit from being graded, the valuable ones can, as it helps buyers feel confident that they’re purchasing the real thing.


Can I trust this seller?

There are many scams that happen online, which is why both buyers and sellers should be cautious.  If you’re a new seller, for instance, then buyers will be able to see that you recently joined the online platform and that you don’t have any reviews that help them know that you’re real.  For this reason, they may be hesitant to buy from you.

When you are ready to start selling your cards, make sure to think like sports card buyers in NJ.  Before making a sale, make sure to consider who you want to sell to.  New and experienced sellers can benefit from selling their cards to experienced sports card companies, rather than having to deal with negotiating online.  To find a company that you can trust, do your research and find a company that has years of experience.

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