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Important Things Landlords Are Not Allowed To Do

Homeownership is a big word anywhere in this world, but reality shows us that quite a big percentage of people choose to live in rentals. Renting has become quite popular among different age groups not just the youngest generation. Renting can be short term or long term, but it is still regarded as a temporary solution. Knowing some landlord tenant law nyc details comes very handy for renters and landlords alike. Even though the landlord-tenant laws typically fall under the jurisdiction of each state separately, there are many common denominators.

Let’s see a few landlord tenant law nyc rules that both parties should be aware of

Landlords cannot enter the property without proper notice- The home and the annexes legally belong to the landlord, but a landlord cannot enter the home whenever he/she wants. Several state statues show that landlords need to present a 24 hour notice if they wish to enter a property that is occupied. Certainly, this notice will include a good reason for this access to happen.

Sometimes, landlords need to enter the property in order to carry out an inspection and see if everything is in order, or to carry out certain repairs or even show the house to future tenants. In fact, many jurisdictions make it clear that a landlord can enter his occupied unit on typical business hours- Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Evicting tenants on unlawful basis is yet another thing a landlord is not allowed to do. The landlord can evict a tenant for different reasons, but there are certain legal frames that must be kept in mind. This is where an attorney can become extremely helpful, so that landlords will not face legal battles because they did not follow the required protocol.

Raising the rent without justification is yet another thing landlords are not allowed to do. A landlord can raise the rent, but only under given circumstances such as the arrival of a new tenant to the home, or if the landlord made a larger investment to remodel the home. A property lease is a type of legally binding contract which needs both signatures and thus any changes are subject to certain legal criteria.

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