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Is Traveling Responsible for Human Happiness?

Traveling is one of the most important ingredients of human life. We gain exposure to this beautiful world by constantly going places. Some people like to travel locally within their own country, while others prefer seeing more and more spots of this immense world. Traveling teaches us about other cultures and about history. Traveling is essential for recharging our batteries and being able to start anew, carry on and prepare for another period of stress, work, family life, and paying the bills. If you are almost convinced that traveling is indeed one of the most responsible factors for our happiness…it is time to start browsing among those vacation packages. You will surely find something to keep you going for a few more months until you finally end up on a golden beach with azure waters.

Through traveling we are being exposed to a broader spectrum of communication- hearing foreign languages, communicating with people from other cultures. These are extremely important step stones that make us more open-minded, more understanding and transform us instantly into happy people. We visit new places because we want to test other foods-the cuisines of each place on this Earth are different; flavorful, delicious, different from what we are accustomed to. Food also represents a great platform where we share cultures with other people.

With traveling, we build even more connections, outside our “comfort zone” of home, work, local shops, and our regular friends. We extend our horizons and learn to see this world with different eyes. Traveling is also a bridge to help us build these new connections through learning more about local culture, food, music, traditions, and the everyday life of other people, in sometimes distant places. We get that hands-on experience of immersing in a new culture only when we travel. You cannot compare traveling with reading a few Wikipedia articles or watching travel videos.

Convinced yet that it is high time you checked out those vacation packages? Yes, traveling is the key to our happiness and well-being as humans.  Traveling is the best stress relief supplement you can ever find. We are in constant pursuit of happiness, and the shortest way to it is given by one keyword: traveling.

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