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CAPD360 Insight

Key Highlights of CAPD360 Insight

CAPD360 Insight is an Epic-integrated NoteReader CDI solution, now available as a demo through hiteks.com, and implemented at many hospitals across the US.

CAPD360 insight is a cloud-based platform, which means that there is no need to worry about any loss of essential data if someone on your team misplaces documents. Every time a specialist enters sensitive patient data into the platform, all information goes instantly into the cloud.

CAPD360 Insight Features

  • Uses the latest Cnlp –Clinical Natural Language Processing technology
  • Physicians can now document patient history easily
  • Run assessments and make plans with greater ease of use

This automatically translates into better quality care and fewer distractions.

Also, the software allows for streamlined workflow management. When it comes to providing top-quality care, medical facilities need to pay particular attention to good organization and cohesiveness.

Healthcare professionals can now streamline both workflow and information at a more fast-paced and accurate rate.

The software also allows for faster risk adjustment, identification, and an exact return on investment. There is now a possibility of retroactively analyzing treatments, medications, and diagnoses.

Therefore, healthcare experts can adjust their plans with more precision. Thanks to much better documentation through the centralized system, healthcare experts can now always count on getting compensation. That coincides precisely with the level and quality of care provided.

The implementation of CDI software is critical regarding a good workflow, accurate compensation, and better health care.

CAPD360 Insight is a powerful EHR cloud-based software service built on the Insight AI platform by Hiteks.

The software is also based on heavily tested algorithms with a high positive predictive value. Hiteks has led several studies with its clients, concluding that CDI Queries can be partially accurate if delivered in real-time at the point of care.

Instead, clients prefer an acceptable error rate to ensure that the queries are received in real-time and learn from CDI feedback & responses and physician feedback.

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