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Learning to Fight Eating Disorder Urges

Eating disorders can create havoc in your everyday life. Resisting eating disorder urges is extremely difficult, and you may need outside help in the form of eating disorder counseling Eastchester. However, there are a few things that you can learn and introduce in your everyday life to help you resist these urges and somehow “correct” this behavior that had taken over your life.

Identifying your triggers- If you are constantly looking in the mirror and weighing yourself day in day out, maybe it is time to forget these behaviors. Cover up your mirrors and put away that scale so that your behavior does not become overly compulsive. Bingeing/purging is a vicious circle that you really want to get rid of, as it is not doing any good for your health and wellbeing. Once you learn to identify your triggers, you can implement a pattern of behavior that can become extremely efficient. Some triggers include eating when being sad, eating when being happy, eating when being stressed or in any other situation.

Find the most vulnerable point of your day and work on that to change your behavior. Most people will binge/purge in the evenings, so take pen and paper and list a few activities that could be performed instead of this compulsive behavior that is not helpful at all. If you consider that you need professional help, an eating disorder counseling Eastchester expert can offer you help.

Find people that offer you their support, love and understanding. During your recovery, you will need on your side these positive people- they may be from your family, or they may be good friends who can encourage you and offer you their support. Then, planning your meals ahead of time is quite helpful. This will help you stay away from snacking, and ensure that you keep in your pantry mainly the ingredients for those meals that you have on your list. Otherwise, the temptation is huge and you will give in easily to these temptations. Distraction techniques such as walking, jogging, reading, watching a good movie/TV show will all help you keep your mind clear and away from eating.

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