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Must-Try Day of the Dead Food

If you love travelling, you’ve probably fallen in love with the different cultures and traditions around the world.  No matter where you go, you’ll find new adventures and holidays.  This is no different in Cabo San Lucas, or really anywhere around Mexico.  If you have an upcoming trip, then you may get to experience Day of the Dead, which is a holiday that celebrates ancestors and loved ones that have passed away.  Although it falls on November 2nd, celebrations usually start at the end of October.  If you’re in Los Cabos during this time, here are some of the traditional foods that you can try.

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Pan de Muertos/Day of the Dead Bread

You can’t celebrate this day without trying this sweet bread that has sugar sprinkled over it.  You can find this bread in every bakery for weeks before the actual holiday.



Tamales are an important part of Mexican cuisine, with each city and family having their own recipe.  Tamales are very popular on important holidays throughout the country, including Day of the Dead.


Mole Negro

Mole is a very delicious and flavorful sauce that is made out of blackened chiles, chocolate, and many other spices.  This meal has been around for generations and it is usually eaten on special occasions because of the complex ingredients and time consuming preparation.



Atole is a traditional drink that originated from the Aztecs.  This drink has a base of corn flour, and is mixed with cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar.  Atole is a warm beverage that pairs well with the Day of the Dead bread.



Pozole is a stew that has meat, hominy, and many spices (recipes vary depending on the region and family).  Although it can be eaten all year long, it is a very popular dish during this holiday.

When you take a Los Cabos tour, make sure to ask your Los Cabos tour guide more about the Day of the Dead.  They will not only tell you which festivals to enjoy, but where to get the best food.

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